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Download from Windows Store
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Let's jump

The horse gallops and jumps to throw the cowboy as fast as it can.

Tilt your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to the left and to the right to make the horse gallop and shake it to make the horse jump. Touch the horse body and move your finger fast up, left and right and the horse will kick and jump.
Learn how the horse reacts to your movements. It is easier to throw the cowboy with a combination of moves, for example leap immediately after a jump. The cowboy learns how the horse behaves, so vary your combinations of moves.

Did you know that you can throw the cowboy in a mud pool and make fun of him?

Let's graze

Touch the fruits and the grass to make the horse go there and eat. Apples, pears and carrots carry the same points as the grass chunk, but the horse eats them much faster. Eat the fruits first.
Kick to make the other horses run away and eat everything.

Go under a tree and kick to make the fruits fall. Then touch the fruits. The horse will eat them and get extra points.

Let's paint

Scroll the palettes to find your favorite colors. Pick a color and then touch the horse to paint. Give it a name and save.

You can play in the other games with the horse you just painted.

Multyplayer How to

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Run with the foal

Tilt the iPad to gallop near the foal. Do not go away from the foal, wait for the wolf.

When the wolf appears, go towards the wolf and shake the iPad quickly to make the horse jump and scare the wolf. The wolf will go away, the foal is safe and you get points.